The 100 Club - The Plus Size Personal Training Specialistis

Fed up with feeling tired, uncomfortable and in pain? If you’re not happy with your weight or body shape, you have probably already thought about making lifestyle changes.

But when the challenge ahead looks like Mt Everest and you’ve got no support, it’s easy to give up before you begin.

For anyone who is overweight (and there are lots of us out there) everyday life can be hard. Depression, anxiety and health risks can all find their way into your life and undermine every good intention. Let’s face it: being overweight can be tough. And sometimes it can be very lonely.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a small supportive group of people in your local area who are facing the same challenge? Imagine meeting up with these friends every week and changing your lives together.

That’s exactly what you’ll experience at The 100 Club.

Some words from Miranda...

“Completed my first 6am group training session this morning with the lovely Rhonda and the gorgeous Dee Dee. Walked away feeling a million bucks! So glad I stumbled across this fantastic club! Bring on the next 12 weeks”

Our Training Team

  • Kate Morris
    Rhonda Kruize

Some words from Sylvia...

“Round 1 was amazing, I came back for Round 2 and I will most definitely be back again! Awesome group with something different each week and all the support I could need to help me achieve my goals!”